Haunter of Dreams is a completed story within the worldbuilding of Yria.  Why it's called a visual journey is because I took on the challenge to create the story's narration through facial expressions, body language and the sceneries themselves without the need for dialogue. No speech bubbles will cover any of the paintings.


The first pages of Haunter of Dreams can be read and followed through various online portals such as TAPAS , DeviantArt, Instagram and Twitter


Have any questions? Drop me an e-mail at myre@alectorfencer.de




Before I start with the second volume of "Myre", I'm going to delve into the tales and lores of Yria with a comic of  smaller scope.

It will feature one major character that I had initially planned for the entire Myre series. Over time, the characters of the story and the script itself have undergone quite a lot of development and, in the end, the Crow Eater was one of the characters who was cut from the story line.


 Many who live on Yria pass lore from generation to generation.

It's a world where stories and tales are constantly created. The legend of the Crow Eater has now become a separate adventure called "Haunter of Dreams" instead of being interwoven directly in the main graphic novel series of Myre and the Chronicles of Yria.


It's a tale about the intruiging and gruesome nightmares one can experience throughout their life. And Haunter of Dreams tells you about a story of a little boy who has to overcome the shadows of his own fears. While the Chronicles of Yria tell you about Myre's and her companions' story, the spinoff series "Lores of Yria" will feature short stories that describe how sayings and tales came to be, how they go and how they can play a major role in the lives of every Yrian.