Claudya Schmidt - AlectorFencer

Writer, artist, director


Alector Fencer is a professional artist, leather crafter and graphic designer living in Berlin, Germany.

Alector's passion for art began at a young age with various colours, patterns and depiction of her environment. As her work progressed, she gained a reputation for her distinctive fantasy style on DeviantArt and other internet art sites. It wasn't long before she was approached by companies and publishers asking for paintings and graphics.

Alector has, to this date, been commissioned by companies such as WHV Design, Zems Fantasy Card Games and Paizo Publishing. Today, she continues to work as a successful freelance artist.

Myre was first envisioned by Alector in 2009. She is the imagination  behind Myre, its characters and the adventurous world of Yria itself.


It is from her that the stories, tales and images of Myre pour. She is the lead (and only) artist, director and head writer of the series.

For the past two years, AlectorFencer has focused solely on the paintings and completion of the first volume. In spite of the tremendous amount of work and logistics that such a large project entails, she hasn't lost her joy and inspiration for the continuation of the series Chronicles of Yria.

Both Claudya and Matt are continuously working together on the Chronicles of Yria and have, so far, scripted volume II of the ongoing series of Myre.  To keep up to date, follow the blog or Alector's social media accounts for regular updates regarding the project.


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Matt W. Davis - 2 Gryphon



2 Gryphon is a professional stand up comic, writer, musician and film maker living in Colorado.

2 has lived with a focus on entertainment since early childhood, becoming something of a jack of all trades in content creation and production. Aside from developing and performing stand up comedy acts in front of thousands, he's also produced motion pictures and internet video and radio programming, and has been published as a fiction author and rock musician. Though his angry stage character is the most popular, he enjoys painting the proverbial canvas with many different emotions and moods, using music, images, words and whatever media he can get his hands on.


2 was inducted into the Myre team in 2014 while doing English consultation work with Alector Fencer. He is now the co-writer, mostly responsible for  dialogue  as well being the assistant art consultant for the project. 2 Gryphon is currently producing videos for his ongoing and ever growing YouTube channel that is focusing on let's plays as well as critical reviews concerning every day life challenges.


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